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WIFI vs Breakfast – Which one do you choose?

ic-wifiIf you had to go without, which one would it be: WIFI or Breakfast? Many of us could postpone breakfast for just a little while longer to finish a task via WIFI, but that’s at home.

Why is this next to impossible at our favorite hotel?


How to Use Instagram’s New Interface

APP UPDATE: Instagram

Instagram (bought by Facebook a month or so ago) has suddenly updated their interface just a bit to catch us off guard. Instagram is still a nifty tool that allows me to push my photos to the platforms that I’m on (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, & Tumblr). I think they had more, but they’re not apparent here.

If you want to join the fun with your photography, let’s get started!


iPad Tip: Using Your New iPad2 as Your Video Camera

Are you aware of the growing need to have video? Have you wondered how to take video of yourself without including a 2nd person? Here’s a no drama solution to video for fine artists: The ipad and a mount from Makayama.

This is a very neat way to take video of yourself and of your products in use. I wouldn’t mistake it for a 35 DSLR capability, but as a video output, it may be the fastest way to shoot, edit and upload your file to YouTube. While the mount is a mere $70, the rest of it is BYOA: Bring your own accesories. Attach any tripod, lenses, microphones, and light making adjustments to your shooting environment streamline. It looks so easy to quickly change from the conversion lens to the built-in lens so that you can decide when and where to use them.

Makayama indicates that a kickstand is included allowing you to use the iPad as a monitor, but I may just be using it as a tabletop video recorder to get down at hand level.

Makayama also provides a free app to improve your video settings.

What do you think? Does this have you as excited as it does me?

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

Tech Tip: How to Add a Web Image to Your iPad

Do you love your new iPad and want to easily show off your portfolio? Or are you a gallery and you just want to show a new customer new art that you’re getting into your shop? Sometimes technology makes us look like a monkey that’s just discovered fire because mobile devices are oh so cool but it’s another thing to look cool while using them.

Either way, I’m here to show you how to work some mobile mojo to get those darn images from your favorite artist’s web site quicker and faster than you can say ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!’


  • Pull up the image on your iPad screen
  • Touch the screen with your finger until the dialog box appears.
  • Save image (this will automagically add it to your camera roll.)

That’s it!

Simple, huh?

How to share, print, assign to a contact, or use as wallpaper

  • Find the Sunflower icon on your iPad that represents your camera roll of photos.
  • Choose your photo.
  • A dark bar will appear at the top nav with options
  • Select the icon that has an arrow popping out of a box.
  • Choose any of the options that appear to fit your current need.

Voila! You no longer have to fumble through navigation when one savvy single click will do!

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

WordPress Wednesday: Eliminate Uncategorized from Your Categories

Are you new to blogging? Have you started using WordPress as your Web site platform? Then you must know these marketing strategies to gain more traffic if you want your business to prosper. Do you know that unknowingly, you may still be using the category ‘Uncategorized’ as part of your Web site strategy? Let me show you why and how you need to eliminate Uncategorized from your site’s category lineup.

Where do I find Uncategorized and why should I care?

First, to corral your Web site’s underlying architecture, you’ll want to harness all the words (keywords) that characteristically define you as a small business. Has the term uncategorized ever been part of that scheme? I didn’t think so! 😉 Simply stated, Uncategorized doesn’t get SEO love.

Uncategorized falls into that, “I can’t think of anything so I’ll just put it here for now.” Yikes! Okay, don’t make me call you out! Did you know that the term lazy can be found under it’s own category? 😉 So does talented, hardwork, and famous. Where would you rather be found?

Okay, so now that we know what we don’t want as part of our Web site structure, let’s talk about where to find Uncategorized. You can find it in two ways:

Publicly, in your address bar like this:

… and on your Web site:

Now, to find Uncategorized in your WordPress dashboard, look inside any Post (not Page) that you’ve written or are about to write.

  • In the left nav, you’ll find ‘Categories’ inside the Posts section
  • In the right nav, you’ll find a larger section titled ‘Categories’ with a little scroll bar to review them all at once. Social Media Calendar is the best way to plan and organize upcoming content.

See Uncategorized highlighted? Looks like the ugly red-headed step child, doesn’t it? Pardon me if you’re a red-headed step child, ginger runs so fast in my family it practically gallops! Oh, I’m also a step-child.

How to eliminate Uncategorized

Play close attention to the count of articles that reside under the category ‘Uncategorized’ as you’ll want to relocate them in their appropriate categories.

You can simple rename the word Uncategorized or delete it.

Hover your mouse under the category you want to edit and you’ll see three options appear:

You could choose Edit, which is a little more formal, but in this case, I’m choosing Quick Edit as it will accomplish the same task.

The Quick Edit Box opens allowing you to see both the name and the slug; you’ll want to rename both.

I’m showing you what it looks like to use a two name convention, like shows & events. Be sure you hyphenate words in the first term titled name and place an underscore between the two words on the second term titled slug. These are WordPress conventions and at this point, I don’t ask, just do. 😉

Actually, I do know the reason why but at this point, you’d glaze over like a 3 day old donut and I wouldn’t want to do that to you. Oh, and be sure to click ‘update category‘ to save your changes.

And that’s it! A quick 5 minute solution to removing that WordPress sneak attack.

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

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