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TIP: How to Gauge Interest in Your Art

Have you ever wondered if your art or product is going to be a hit with your customers? Do you know if they even like it?

Ever thought of a poll?

Here’s one way to engage customers online. As I introduce new work on my blog, I also try to remember to include a poll to gauge their interest.


Multiplying Your Product Opportunities

If any of you know me and my work, you know that I can’t be pigeonholed as a purist in the traditional fine art sense. As a fine artist, my calligraphic approach is my signature style, cultivated with great care and therein lies the purist. However, I don’t remain brush to paper everyday. When I think of how I might expand an idea into a new product line, I do strive to remain true to my calligraphic styleor it simply doesn’t happen. I simply won’t compromise my style.

The idea of expanding beyond your chosen medium may scare the hell out of you –it shouldn’t. I understand that you believe to move your clay building, printmaking, or even silver smithing beyond your personal tenets may compromise your handcrafted dogma. It doesn’t have to. You can still maintain your principles of style and enjoy the expansion of your empire in meaningful ways.

Successful Expansions

Remaining true to their style, I have listed a couple of my favorite artists that have successfully translated their original skills into new forms of art.

Frank Lloyd Wright Originally an architect
Rennie & Rose Coonley Playhouse Table Runner

MacKenzie-Childs Originally ceramists

Lisa Stewart Originally an illustrator

Anais Nin is quoted as saying, “Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage.” I believe this is also true with one’s portfolio. So, do you think you’ll begin to expand your courage? If so, how? I’d love to know.

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Meanwhile, I have an article published in Jan/Feb 2011 The Artists magazine outlining how to multiply your opportunities. Look for it on your newsstands, mailbox, or download it here:Single Image, Multiple OpportunitiesAnother article on expanding your product line:
Diversify Your Portfolio

Need Help?

If you need a bit of art direction from an experienced, successful trendspotter, I’d be happy to consult with you to lead you in your optimal direction.

Contact me if you’d like a free 15 minute consultation exploring opportunities that make sense to you and your business, er, empire. 😉

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

Diversify Your Portfolio

Have you successfully focused on one style of art to become a recognizable working artist? Do you want to branch out into other areas but not sure where to begin? Would you like to add some excitement to your art with a product line?

For creative entrepreneurs, there are many ways to augment residual income through diversifying your portfolio. Manifesting your desire to branch your art into new areas is gratifying for both you and your customer.