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Tip: How to Embed a YouTube Video Link on Your Facebook Page

Want to share your art or artist video on your Facebook Fan page? It’s quick and painless -I promise! I’ve outlined a quick and dirty tutorial on how to embed a YouTube video link on your Facebook Fan page.


Tip: How to Embed a Video Link on Your WordPress Blog

Embedding videos to play on your Web site or blog can be tricky. I’ve outlined a quick and dirty tutorial on how to embed a YouTube video on your site.


How to Comment & Why It’s Good for Business

How to Comment & Why It's Good for Business Do you think commenting on blogs are for know-it-alls? Do you think the World doesn’t need to read your opinion? Are you still struggling with crafting a clever comment?

You’re Not Alone.

I know that commenting can be daunting for the shy and introverted artist, but doing this will help build your brand and bring traffic back to your site. Honest! I’ve outlined few more reasons why commenting is good for your business and how to cultivate your legacy.


How to Embrace Mistakes and Kick Failure’s Butt

Failure is the tuition you pay for success. ~W.Brunell

Do you feel like all you ever do is make mistakes? Do you feel like an utter failure compared to fellow artists who seem to ooze success? Do you ever feel like the planets never align for you?

We’ve all been there.

Insecurity leads to lack of confidence and lack of confidence leads to failure. The point about failure is not that it happens but what we do when it happens.


How to Add Copyright Watermark to Your Image Using picnik

Bacchus - Applying Copyright WatermarkFor every lock, there’s a locksmith.
Discovering that there are at least 6 reasons people and entities download and save your images from the Internet, it’s imperative that you take the time to protect your image to prevent unwarranted use.

3 Easy Steps
For the novices without the fancy software, I’ll show you how to add a copyright watermark image through the Flickr site that will lock out thieves and bring back honest buyers.

In this age, it’s not a matter of if someone steals your image, but when. Your intellectual property (IP) -aka: your images are the foundation of your life and for many of you, your business. The fuel for businesses is IP and it certainly is for mine. I depend on my IP to build my small empire just as Mary Englebreit has done for her empire. Even if my images are properly submitted to the official copyright office, they will continue to get pilfered from those who claim ignorance.

It’s happened to me.