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Promote Your FourSquare Market with your ETSY Shop!

IC-600-TIPSo, I just learned a new marketing technique for your event: Add it to FourSquare and to ETSY at the same time!

My FB bud, Carole Dornbush Isenhart of Indigo Turtle says about FourSquare,

“It is pretty slick. You start by searching for your event, if it is already listed then you just “join” it. If not listed, then you put the info into the fields, quick & easy!! There is a field for your info too, so you can list your booth # & highlight items you will have.”

The following are examples of events that can be promoted with Etsy Local:

  • Craft fairs
  • Markets
  • Pop-up shops
  • Open houses
  • Special events in a brick and mortar store

The following are not eligible for Etsy Local:

  • Art galleries
  • Studios
  • Brick and mortar stores

Both events that I’m attending this Fall don’t have the events listed, so I was able to create them.

How? It’s pretty easy.

How to Add External Markets to ETSY

First, Check & Verify Your Local ETSY Listings.
Go to ETSY local here ( and check for your event.

IC-ETSY+FSEvent-600x400-cIf it’s not listed and you are participating, you can create it. Even if you don’t own the event, you can still create it if you have an ETSY shop.

Here’s how:

Create an Event on ETSY
Find ETSY local events here (

Look for the blue button that reads Create An Event

Complete the form with your information.




Venue/Market Type – Because the Venue suggestions are provided by foursquare, you’ll get a dropdown box where the event is to be held. Begin typing the name of the event venue and suggestions will appear in a drop-down menu. Click to select your venue from the drop down box.


If your venue isn’t appearing on the list, it may not be in foursquare’s database yet. I’d recommend typing it in anyway.

Your new market event will appear on the local map with details.



If your customers want to see your market events for the season, they can find your market listings under shop info.


And as a result, both of my external markets appear as a list.


For more FAQs, head to the ETSY article.

How to Add Events to FourSquare

If you are a business owner, you can claim your business and add events as needed to reach your mobile customers.

You can begin here.

Add Events to FourSquare
To add events to FourSquare, you have to be a business owner.
Claim your Business here:
FourSquare’s How to Add events here

I hope this quick & dirty tutorial helps you!

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

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