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Turning a Childhood Toy into a Business

Are you already immersed in your creative endeavors as a small business practitioner?

If not, do you even know where to begin? I’ll give you a hint: your childhood.

This won’t be the only time you read where I ask you to return to your innocence. No, further back… there’s a difference between acting innocent and being innocent. 😉 Try regressing back to when you were exploring without bias -say when you were 5 or so. Do you remember how the World was your oyster for discovery?

Now, remember the activities you gravitated toward… Was it the flow of the paint brush? The sound of spoons? Was it the stitches in the fabric that held the two pieces together like magic? When I ask those who are stuck in an unsatisfying life, I generally guide them back to childhood into their favorite memories of play. Those memories are the keys to renewed inspiration that allow anyone to form a small business bedrock that they’ll forever be passionate about.

How to satisfy your entrepreneurial thirst with the purchase of a trademark
Watch how one woman satisfied her craving for an entrepreneurial endeavor and turned a profit with a childhood toy.

PS. MSNBC has misinterpreted the entrepreneur’s endeavor, confusing the rest of us, by indicated she bought the copyright to the toy when in fact, she bought the trademark. My brief article Do you know the difference between a Copyright and Trademark? give insight to understanding the differences.

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

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