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EC (Lisa) Stewart is the founder of IndieCreatives™, Coaching and Strategy for Creative Entrepreneurs. Like many working artists, Lisa didn’t have a business degree and struggled to find the right ways to make a profit building an empire that she loved.

Lisa’s entrepreneurial instincts took over at a young age when she designed her first set of greeting cards and ran a fruit and vegetable stand. Before long, Lisa recognized that people loved to collect great art to nourish their soul just as much as they liked to pick up fresh vegetables to nourish their bodies. With many years in corporate America working various design jobs, Lisa freelanced on the side to polish her portfolio as she knew eventually, she would run her own business. As an artist and design entrepreneur between both Worlds, she has cultivated practical knowledge in both small business strategy and tactical aspects of building her brand.

Fine artists began to notice and started asking how I was able to build a small business while making it look so large and successful.

As a bootstrap entrepreneur, Lisa doesn’t come from money, didn’t have amazing connections, has faced hardship in the darkest of times. Fine artists were responding to the fact that she was building a recognized brand step-by-step in such a short time. Lisa transformed herself into a creative entrepreneur and achieved one of her life-long goals when her art was published by a major publisher, sold by Signals catalog, and licensed for fine woven goods.

How I Can Help You
As an artist and design entrepreneur with 25 years of design experience, I’m here to help fine artists navigate the new economy and leverage unactualized opportunities for their small business brand.

This blog and community is for the fine artist and other creative entrepreneurs who want to move from being a mere hobbyist to a thriving entrepreneur.

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Lisa, Founder of IndieCreatives™

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Owner/Creative Goddess of ECStewart Designs, Inc. that includes ECStewart Collections and CalligraphyPets®. Married to the greatest guy Andrew; animal advocate, pet lover and staff to 3 fabulous felines.

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