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Is FaceBook Stressing You Out?

Being a busy entrepreneur doesn’t leave much time to assess everything all the time, right? When you think you’ve finally got Facebook all figured out, Zuckerberg throws a wrench straight into your page and your self-esteem.

I know, it’s the bane of my existence, too. As soon as I think I have things figured out and I implement the new strategy into my plan, another monkey wrench gets thrown at me.


TIP: How to Archive Your Facebook Fan Page

I’m a big proponent of keeping your Web site and blog under your complete control and the main focus of your Web presence. When expanding your business’ reach to engage customers on other sites, you have no control over how or when the material you’ve uploaded will be treated.

So, what happens if the other social media sites you’ve engaged in to meet your customers flakes out on you and disappears? Where would you go? Your customers would automatically look for your Web page ( for those answers.

Now we come to Facebook. We all know that Facebook has a mind of it’s own and changes it on a daily basis. What would you do if you lost your Fan Page? Gasp!

Deep breath… Have I got a quick 5 minute (or less) solution for you.


Why Your Gallery Should Be on Facebook

Are you afraid that putting your business ‘out there’ will hurt more than help? If you launch your Web site, blog, or create a page on Facebook, do you believe that people will have nothing better to do than trash your good name?

Think again.

In this article, I help you alleviate your fear and anxiety by outlining why Facebook should be a part of your marketing mix.


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