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TIP: How to Gauge Interest in Your Art

Have you ever wondered if your art or product is going to be a hit with your customers? Do you know if they even like it?

Ever thought of a poll?

Here’s one way to engage customers online. As I introduce new work on my blog, I also try to remember to include a poll to gauge their interest.


Creative Process Series #2: Sharing & the Physical Manifestion of Creativity

Do you share ideas? How about your challenges? Have you ever asked a colleague to help you clarify an unfocused composition?

Continuing from the Creative Process Series Part 1, I’d like to help dissolve the stereotypes of the creative and the creative personality. We can do this through the exploration of the creative process, sharing, and the physical manifestation of creativity and sharing.

We’ll learn that not all sharing processes are equal and only meant as spring boards for further problem sharing and solving.


Creative Process Series #1: Learn How to Embrace Your Inner Creative

How many myths do you embrace about creativity? Do you believe that only artists are creative? Do you think you have to be weird to be creative?

If creativity alludes you, stick with me as we explore the essence of creativity, the process, and the 4 stages of creativity highlighted with my personal philosophies. Once you learn these methods –you’ll only be a step away from that Genius spark.