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How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

ic-cbpaint Are you looking to spruce up your studio? Want to add a bit of electic fun to your workspace? You should! By taking the edge of the conventional, this fun-for-the-whole-family project is magic before your eyes.

I honestly can’t believe that it’s 2010 and specialty paint stores don’t have more than mere 2 options of chalkboard paint? I’ve made my own and now I’m showing you how to do the same.

This topic was originally posted on my CREATIVEGoddess blog, but thought as a fellow creative, you’d want to hang here a bit longer with me.



What Color is Your Emotional Base?

Another possible title: What color is your eye sugar?

ic-color You’ve heard about color theory and topics about interior design, but do you know how they affect you directly?

Did you know that research has shown that more people call in sick if the color of the bathroom is blue? Do you know how to remedy a chronic crying baby? Color is a fascinating tool if used appropriately and if you’ve got a devilish nature, it could be psych warfare on your roommate.

In this article, I outline my color options for a new room we’re reinventing and include popular color tips for your home or workspace.