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How to Promote Your Business Without Sounding Like a Commercial

Have you thought self-promotion is only for the aggressive saleperson? Do you choke when it comes time to talk about your art? Are you of the belief that your portfolio should sell itself?

We’ve all been there!

In many cases, art schools merely tell us that we’re supposed to talk about our work, but they really never give us the tools to do it properly. We rely on reason and technique to get us through to the next project but rarely do we know how to do this successfully.

Lisa Braithwaite, a Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coach is going to guide us on how we can move through our own awkwardness and embrace self-promotion with aplomb.


Trying to Please (the wrong target)

You know the real estate adage: Location Location Location

Now repeat after me dear INDIECreative: Target Target Target

Seth Godin wrote today about Trying to Please and when pleasing goes awry. I’ve mentioned to my clients who hired me to design their Web sites and logos about their target audience. It’s imperative that you understand that your audience isn’t you when it comes to deliverables -service or product. Your efforts to please your client’s wife, your boss, or even your mother-in-law is failure in the making.


How to Host a Trunkshow – An Interview

After I launched a brief a few weeks ago on how to launch a successful trunkshow, I was invited by by my Twitter bud, John T Unger, a fellow creative pyromaniac, to talk on his Art Heroes Radio Channel. I readily accepted and we’re scheduled to hold our chat, Thursday, June 3, 2010. While it’ll be pre-recorded talk (he doesn’t trust my raw language), I believe you’ll be able to hear it after 9pmEST that day.

Here’s a bit of the synopsis to get you sitting on the edge of your seats… ready?


Why Begets Success

startwithwhyFor the most part, I’m not a ‘rah rah’ girl -I take a more pragmatic approach to life and business –specially in product development. However, I just watched a TED video with Simon Sinek and this lecture got me jazzed. So jazzed that I’m shouting from the rooftops jazzed because this is a powerful piece of knowledge when it comes to today’s marketing –I hope you do, too.

Why “I Believe” is So Powerful
Simon made a discovery about how innovators (MLK, Jr, the Wright Brothers, and Apple) talk the same language as they begin any endeavor. Their communication is different than others, in that they talk from the inside out -beginning with “I believe.” We’ve heard this before and what helps is that Simon codified his discovery by creating the Golden Circle of communication for the rest of us.


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