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Promote Your FourSquare Market with your ETSY Shop!

IC-600-TIPSo, I just learned a new marketing technique for your event: Add it to FourSquare and to ETSY at the same time!

My FB bud, Carole Dornbush Isenhart of Indigo Turtle says about FourSquare,

“It is pretty slick. You start by searching for your event, if it is already listed then you just “join” it. If not listed, then you put the info into the fields, quick & easy!! There is a field for your info too, so you can list your booth # & highlight items you will have.”


Participate in AMEX Small Business Saturday Now!

Do you think that you’re too late to participate in AMEX Small Business Saturday?
You can still participate this very minute!

Generate your marketing materials for both online and print promotions directly from AMEX web site. Yes, you read that right: Marketing materials with your biz name on them this very minute to send online and post to your shop window!!

Go! Hurry and get them now!!

This is just one of 3 examples you can choose to promote your business.

Get your poster here:

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

TechTip: Got Square?

Do you take credit cards? Do you have a merchant account that plunders your tiny treasure like a pirate?

Turn your credit cannons around and let the ransacking banks know that you’re no longer beholden to their scheming deceptions because you’ve just found a new champion: SquareUp.


When Can I Use the Word Yummy?

If there is one word that had been acting like a burr under my saddle for the past 10 years, it’s the word ‘Yummy.’

Major eyeball rolling happens whenever I hear or read, “We have yummy yarn!” and I just shut down. I don’t eat yarn thank you very much. Or, “This soap is just yummy!” Really? I don’t include soap in my diet either.

How about “She is a yummy mummy,” or “Their skin looks yummy,” or “Paul is so hot in his black Suit #yummy!”

Really? It sounds as though we’re a bunch of two year olds talking about sex. Does that sound appropriate to you?

How to Inject Spirit As You Sell

How to be adorable when selling

I found a video on this charming South Korean street vendor demonstrating how he makes a traditional dessert.
So, how does he inject spirit as he sells? At least three ways:

1. As a salesman, he knows he has to be captivating.
2. He also knows that in order to relate to his customer, even on from the other side of the World, he has to connect -watch how he does this.
3. The third item was humor -what kind do you think it was?

You’ll enjoy this.

What did you find? Can you use the same techniques to sell your work?

Different Title?

I couldn’t decide if the title really should be: How to be adorable when selling.
Cast your vote.

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

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