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Great Advice from Neil Gaiman and Lisa Stewart

If you’re in need of a shot of heady inspiration founded by timeless wisdom, Neil Gaimon delivers a truly captivating speech to the University of the 2012 Arts Class -and we get the tremendous benefit of hearing it, too.

The landscaping of business is changing, we know this. Much of what Neil has to offer are the guidelines I set for myself long ago. We’re both rebels and our approach to life shows that. If you’re a new grad or 20 years into your career, Neil Gaiman will help guide you with relevance from his world no matter where you are in your life map.

Listening to Neil was helpful to me and now -whether he likes this or not – he’s my new secret mentor.

I vs We

Small vs Big Are you still struggling with “I” vs “We” when it comes to identifying yourself as an INDIECreative? Do you think your customers won’t take you seriously when you tell them that it’s just you who makes your product?

You’ll be surprised

Over the past 10 years, the US has seen a dramatic shift in small business culture. Those who feel handcraft is important in their lives vote with their wallets further supporting the craftsperson who strives to make meaningful, functional art.


Trying to Please (the wrong target)

You know the real estate adage: Location Location Location

Now repeat after me dear INDIECreative: Target Target Target

Seth Godin wrote today about Trying to Please and when pleasing goes awry. I’ve mentioned to my clients who hired me to design their Web sites and logos about their target audience. It’s imperative that you understand that your audience isn’t you when it comes to deliverables -service or product. Your efforts to please your client’s wife, your boss, or even your mother-in-law is failure in the making.


Why Begets Success

startwithwhyFor the most part, I’m not a ‘rah rah’ girl -I take a more pragmatic approach to life and business –specially in product development. However, I just watched a TED video with Simon Sinek and this lecture got me jazzed. So jazzed that I’m shouting from the rooftops jazzed because this is a powerful piece of knowledge when it comes to today’s marketing –I hope you do, too.

Why “I Believe” is So Powerful
Simon made a discovery about how innovators (MLK, Jr, the Wright Brothers, and Apple) talk the same language as they begin any endeavor. Their communication is different than others, in that they talk from the inside out -beginning with “I believe.” We’ve heard this before and what helps is that Simon codified his discovery by creating the Golden Circle of communication for the rest of us.