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Don’t Let Your Brand Become Radio Shack

IC-600-brandstrategyRadio Shack used to be the ‘go to place’ for the DIY geeks. And for the past few years, they became irrelevant. Hell, you couldn’t find a Cat 5 cable to save your life, but Walmart had them.

Who wants to go to Walmart? Not this chick.

Today may show a different story.



Wholistic vs Holistic

IC-600-wholisticDoes knowing¬†Wholistic vs Holistic really matter to my small business? Yes, it does. Even if you’re not in the business to produce natural, homeopathic remedies, understanding how to embrace wholistic approaches to your business can impact your bottom line.

According to the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, Wholistic and Holistic are similar words that are easily confused and yet are very similarly defined words.


When Can I Use the Word Yummy?

If there is one word that had been acting like a burr under my saddle for the past 10 years, it’s the word ‘Yummy.’

Major eyeball rolling happens whenever I hear or read, “We have yummy yarn!” and I just shut down. I don’t eat yarn thank you very much. Or, “This soap is just yummy!” Really? I don’t include soap in my diet either.

How about “She is a yummy mummy,” or “Their skin looks yummy,” or “Paul is so hot in his black Suit #yummy!”

Really? It sounds as though we’re a bunch of two year olds talking about sex. Does that sound appropriate to you?

How-Not-To: Divide and Destroy the Netflix Way

We’re big Netflix users. Instead of watching streaming movies this week, I’ve been watching the Netflix debacle unfold.

Recently, we decided to go with the flow and eliminate the DVDs from our roster and go exclusively with streaming. Why? Because we were forced to make a choice. I also resented that red envelope sitting for days unopened -mocking me. We’re we ever going to watch that movie between our Sci-Fi shows phasing in and our art shows phasing out? Still, it sat there. I’m sure you can relate.

Do You Know the Difference Between Brand vs Branding?

Are you confused with branding jargon? Do you think your logo is your brand? Can your customer make a distinction between you and a similar artist?

Branding isn’t so intimidating.

I know that a few marketing terms can be intimidating, and after learning how branding affects my business, you can also learn how to cultivate affection from your customers and manage your brand.


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