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WIFI vs Breakfast – Which one do you choose?

ic-wifiIf you had to go without, which one would it be: WIFI or Breakfast? Many of us could postpone breakfast for just a little while longer to finish a task via WIFI, but that’s at home.

Why is this next to impossible at our favorite hotel?

We take our laptops to hotels with us expecting to get just a little bit of work done, alas, it’s painful. Whenever I travel with Andrew, he takes the desk, so I relegate happily to the bed. Then it’s time for installing communication station. My hook up is tedious, I can never find an outlet, we’re told to tether our machines to the desk over in the corner -far away from the bed that we just finely crafted with pillows, blankets, our drink, and the TV remote.

So, why can’t our temporary console be re-centered?

And why do hotels suck when it comes to unconstrained conveniences?
Perhaps it’s because that the folks running the facility are, well, at work. They’re tethered to the machines at the check-in desk or at the concierge desk to assist clients making restaurant reservations. I’ve never seen any of the hotel employees in a guest room making reservations on their laptops with feet tucked into the sheets.

Have you?

I’m also guessing that suits operating the facility don’t have the kind of relationship with their devices as we, the on-the-road entrepreneurs do. It would be interesting to learn if they spend nights at their sister locations to comprehend the frustrations that we have on a regular basis. Perhaps then they wouldn’t be so out of touch with the realities we face day-to-day with our dependence on technology –because that isn’t going to change.

Until then, get yourself a smartphone that has the ability to create a hotspot for your additional devices (my iPhone does this automagically).



And for your infotainment, I found this delightful graphic outlining hotel WIFI plights and solutions. Feel free to share this during your next techtime tantrum.

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