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TIP: Share Your Web Presence Link


What do you do when you’re asked if you have a Web site, FB page, or other online presence?
Share it! Don’t just say it.

If you are asked via Twitter, FB, or other platform if you have a site, be sure to include your link in the conversation. If you make people hunt for it, you have less than a 20% success rate. Peeps won’t invest their time to find you -make it easy and spoon feed the information to them.

Question: Do you have a Facebook page? I would love to share your information to my fans and friends?
Answer: Of course I do! Here it is:

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

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Lisa Stewart is the founder of IndieCreatives™, Coaching and Strategy for Creative Entrepreneurs. Lisa is dedicated to helping galleries & artists expand their knowledge in creative branding.

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