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How to Use Instagram’s New Interface

APP UPDATE: Instagram

Instagram (bought by Facebook a month or so ago) has suddenly updated their interface just a bit to catch us off guard. Instagram is still a nifty tool that allows me to push my photos to the platforms that I’m on (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, & Tumblr). I think they had more, but they’re not apparent here.

If you want to join the fun with your photography, let’s get started!

Get Your App & Sign Up

Go to this Instagram link to determine your smartphone’s required app.

If you need help signing up, you can take this link to watch tutorial.

Launch Instagram App

You’ll see the Instagram app highlighted in my Photography tool box.

Choose Your Photo

Toolbar 1: At the bottom of your screen, you will see your toolbar. Select the camera icon highlighted in blue.

Toolbar 2: You can choose whether to take a photo or select one from your gallery.

As you can see, I’m choosing one from my gallery.

Edit Your Photo

Enjoy all the bells and whistles that Instagram has to offer.


Once you’re done mucking about, click the green check at the bottom of the screen to finish.


To share your photo, click any/all of the platforms (ie. Facebook, Twitter, etc) that you’re interfaced with (that’s geek speak for ‘hooked into’) to share to each simultaneously.

Don’t be scared. It won’t launch these platforms and suddenly flood your iphone with open apps.

When I was first looking at this interface, I thought it would open all of these apps if I clicked on any of these app names. Not so.


Since they didn’t have an icon next to them that had an indication that these were the ones I wanted, I had heart palpitations. But I kept calm and touched one. Only the app platform name changed color to let me know that it was going to get included in the distribution.

Photo Maps

At the top of the screen, the new Instagram interface introduces you to their Photo Maps. Explore this option to determine if you want your geo-location shared. That’s completely up to you and you can change your mind later, too. Awesome.

More detailed info on maps here.



This is what it looks like when uploaded.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick and dirty solution to Instagram’s new interface.

Track Your Photos Online

If you don’t want to remain beholden to Instagram’s iPhone app, you can head to any of the 3rd party apps to set up an account to review them on your desktop.

I use Follow Me, a 3rd party app to see my photos and such.


Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

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