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Give Your Facebook Posts Rock Star Glamour

Do you think your Facebook (FB) posts aren’t getting noticed? Do you feel that they lack luster compared to the other posts coming through your newsfeed on Facebook?

If you want to give them the attention they deserve: Give them rock star glamour.

Sure, newsfeed is highly competitive and we’re all screaming, “Hey look at me! Over here!” It’s tough to get the attention that other posts are getting but I’ve got a piece of easy-to-bite advice.

Think: Style

Think of your Web site, blog and anywhere else you hold presence as an extension of yourself. Stylistically you.  The clothing you wear is conforms to your identity, so do the articles, products, and graphics of your online presence.

If you dream of walking in style like celebrities down the red carpet, then pretend that life is your red carpet and turn up the glam. This goes true for your online presence. Just be careful when you begin to applying some of these methods, you don’t want to scare your customers away like Mrs. Roper in Three’s Company.

Think: Composition

So, how do you make your Facebook posts stand out and a little more intriguing? In my profession as designer, it’s all about composition.

Granted, there’s only so much we can do when we’re playing in someone else’s sandbox, but once you learn the parameters, then it’s up to you to stretch them. As long as you are abiding by your own ID system (you do have one, don’t you?), you can expand your style to suit another platform, or platform change as this case may be.

I’m going to outline the difference between RSS, Networkblogs, and your own uploaded content.

Think: Content


Whenever possible, importing your blog into your FB page via the RSS reader is the easy thing to do. However, the feeds rarely come up pretty. In many cases, the image is too small to see and type too small to read.

Where’s the impact?

Importing with the RSS feed may be the easy thing to do, but is it the right thing to do?

Fortunately for you, it’s no longer available. Yay!


You can, however, connect w/NetworkedBlogs to pull your feeds in, but honestly, that solution isn’t pretty either. What did I say about Zuckerberg’s sandbox?

From the image represented below, this is pretty lackluster. It’s pulled in with NetworkBlogs and my demographic has aging eyes.

I should be grateful that I have the ability to automagically pull in the information. However, I’m OC about my content being represented on other sites and I always to to visit them to see how they look. Nine times out of ten, I’m not happy with the impact. So, I’ve decided to upload my own content.

You can see that 13 people saw the article above but did nothing about it. I can’t blame them. My response to a placid looking teaser like this is, “Meh!”

Very Content

Now, take a look at the screen capture below. Isn’t it grand? Why is that?

Because it’s permanently attached to an image. The best part is that your article will never get lost.

See how bold the copy is at the top of the article? You can control the teaser  information, provide a clear link back to your site and attach it to your gorgeous image.

TIP: If you need to, you can always edit the copy later and never lose your place in line. 

Also, you can see that this article reports 2 shares already.

This simple treatment gives your content  rock star dignitary status that it deserves.

Compare & Contrast

Check out how they both look on the FB page. Which one does your eye gravitate toward?

Yup. That’s right. The bottom full-margin green image that stands with bold dignity -not meek like a mouse afraid to sit on the page with the rest of the articles. Even the articles I pull in from other FB pages come in meekly. Gah!

Well, that just goes to show you that you can only control so much.

Getting It Done

Quick and Dirty How-To

  • Create the image you want to represent your article/product
  • Upload to Facebook page
  • Add a few words.
  • Done.

Product Rock Stars

Here are a few more product ideas. This image (600px x 600) will fill the entire column width making it feel large and in charge.

Later, once I create my sales page for this clutch, I will go into the photo on FB and include a link.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick and dirty solution to FB dirty tricks.

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence


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