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Cause Marketing: Buy One, Give one

Have you thought of partnering with a cause? Have your ideas run dry on how to make the world a better place? When considering partnering with a cause, remember it’s a balance of altruism and profitability.

I’ve seen small agencies list 200 charities on their rooster and it’s my opinion that this is just ridiculous. Personally, choose one or two charities that really fit your passion. I believe when you follow your passion (specially when you have a reason -a story to back it up) you’ll have a more rewarding experience with your supporting efforts.

Examples could be:

  • My family is plagued with colon cancer, so I want to support this research.
  • I grew up with abused pets, so I want to educate kids on the privilege of pet ownership.
  • The children in my rural farm life didn’t have a library, so I want to start a bookmobile.

Recently, I just found a great business model when considering partnering with a cause: buy one, donate one. The video below shows the working business model Timbooktwo has cultivated to donate one video to a charity for each video sold. Brilliant!

While this group uses videos as their buy one, donate one, this match could be anything.

  • Books for libraries
  • Collars for cats
  • Blankets for Babies


Publish your Idea, Get Good Karma
What would be your charity and what would your offer to buy one, donate one? I would love to see your ideas even if you don’t support the charity, it may give someone else a great idea.

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

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