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iPad Tip: Using Your New iPad2 as Your Video Camera

Are you aware of the growing need to have video? Have you wondered how to take video of yourself without including a 2nd person? Here’s a no drama solution to video for fine artists: The ipad and a mount from Makayama.

This is a very neat way to take video of yourself and of your products in use. I wouldn’t mistake it for a 35 DSLR capability, but as a video output, it may be the fastest way to shoot, edit and upload your file to YouTube. While the mount is a mere $70, the rest of it is BYOA: Bring your own accesories. Attach any tripod, lenses, microphones, and light making adjustments to your shooting environment streamline. It looks so easy to quickly change from the conversion lens to the built-in lens so that you can decide when and where to use them.

Makayama indicates that a kickstand is included allowing you to use the iPad as a monitor, but I may just be using it as a tabletop video recorder to get down at hand level.

Makayama also provides a free app to improve your video settings.

What do you think? Does this have you as excited as it does me?

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