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Creativity: The Expressionist Michael Wolff

The Expressionist

Influential designer Michael Wolff explains how “seeing is a muscular exercise” for him and why he considers curiosity, appreciation, and imagination his most important “muscles”.

When people ask me where I get my inspiration my usual response is ‘everywhere.’ But I realize now that the only way I’m able to absorb everything I see is to ‘keep an empty head’ and this is where Michael says it eloquently, “To walk around with a head full of preoccupation, you’re not going to see anything in your whole visual life.”

Because seeing is a muscle, it must be frequently flexed and exercised. Walking around empty headed doesn’t mean being vacuous, it means that I have the ability to shut out extraneous noise that simply doesn’t belong. I’ve learned the older I become, the more quiet I need in order to keep my thoughts straight -and believe me, I feel like I’m composing a concert in here!! 😉

What struck a chord with you?

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

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