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Inspiration: Tilt Shift Your Perspective into Clarity

Are you stuck in a design slump? Do you need a little… perspective? I came across a couple of fascinating shots this week that included the neo-perspective of the bird’s eye view.

So, instead of obeying the echos of your mom’s “Don’t play with your food” screed, look to IKEA for a bit of layout inspiration. This photo shows you a whole new way to look at a cooking recipe. 

Head to TodayandTomorrow for the inspirational deets.

Here’s a quick and dirty layout I drummed up by racing down to the worktable and pulling out handfuls of tools I’ve used this week. A pretty fun exercise, huh?
Capturing images by radio controlled shutter-makers, Argentianian Esteban Pastorino Diaz, builds his own pinhole cameras and lashes them to kites. 

Head to Time’s Lightbox: Up in the Air for deets

I selected an image in my swipe file from a walk-by-shoe-ting in NYC last year. I love me some shoe boots and had to stop. Because it was one of the more populated photos I had on hand to use for a successful tilt-shift (landscapes work best), these shoe boots now look like they were made for an elf. 

If you want to manipulate your own kite’s eye view, there’s an app for that. After reading a few reviews, I settled with TiltShiftGen app that’s available for both the iphone and ipad. If I’m working at my desktop, I’ll have fun in Photoshop making fake miniature scenes.


Let me know if you’d like the quick and dirty instructions on how to make your own tilt-shift images on your desktop -if you’re as impatient as I am. For some tilt-shift inspiration, head to the Flickr section.

This wasn’t meant to be a slant toward the tilt-shift genre, but I am amazed at how a little blurring action can really bat around reality like a toy.

So, the next time you’ve got the lackluster blues, take out all of the supplies you’re working with and lay them flat. Get eye level and look at them from an insect’s perspective as large, motionless chess pieces or stand on a chair and cross your eyes, introducing an inspirational abstract blur.

Adjusting your perspective may be all you needed.

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

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