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TIP: How to Gauge Interest in Your Art

Have you ever wondered if your art or product is going to be a hit with your customers? Do you know if they even like it?

Ever thought of a poll?

Here’s one way to engage customers online. As I introduce new work on my blog, I also try to remember to include a poll to gauge their interest.

Getting Help without Commitment
Giving your customers options as you’re thinking about new products to introduce, gives you an understanding in which direction you should proceed. Do you want to feel like you’re wasting your time chasing down the wrong rabbit hole? Not this artist!! The poll is a secret way of telling your customers that you’re thinking about pursuing these new trails without the commitment.  Customers don’t want to feel as though they’re in charge of your career nor do they want to be identified as the one who pushed you into the wrong direction.

Poll Plug-in
I use a plugin called PollDaddy (it’s free) inside my WordPress theme and it’s pretty easy to use. I include different answers to lead them to conclusions -I call this ‘leading the witness’. 😉 Many cases, customers don’t want to leave a comment (think: paper trail) because many cases its during their working hours. Who wants to be called by the boss? Hosting a poll is an effective way of interacting without formality.

Here’s my poll:

The questions (figure 1) and Results Turned On to Show Interest to All (figure 2).

Changing Directions
Thinking of adding a series of new designs? How about on a different substrate (paper, fabric, ceramic)? The questions above are a high level way of introducing your customers to a new direction with your art. This gets them used to the idea. This is important because many customers don’t want to see you change -at all. Some want something fresh from you every six months.

Gah! What do you do?
Sign up here if you want to be notified how and when to change directions.

WordPress Poll Plugin

Here’s what the poll plugin looks like. Pretty straight forward, huh? You can also edit your answers if you need to.

Need Help?

If you need a bit of technical assistance from an experienced, successful Web designer, I’d be happy to help you engage with your customers.

Contact me if you’d like a free 15 minute consultation exploring opportunities that make sense to you and your business, er, empire.

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

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Lisa Stewart
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2 Responses to “TIP: How to Gauge Interest in Your Art”

  1. Carlin Davis says:

    Lisa —
    Love your tips and polls ideas. Great way to get customers motivated. I am not having much luck but am working on taking a new direction … instead of offering patterns, I am going to offer limited edition or ooak items for sale. May even go the direction of eBay for a few. What do you think?

    • Have you thought about having your cake and eating it, too? You’ve asked at least 3 different and great questions and I’m not sure which to address first.

      Let me offer up one quick tip to help you with your new direction and patterns: If you have your own Web site, be sure to clarify your offerings (ie create categories). If you’ve got a store on ETSY selling a mixture of things: divide and conquer. For instance, create a second store that embraces your focus (patterns in one, OOAK in another, but not both).

      Your customers are coming to you for a specific reason, so it’s best not to confuse them. Does that make sense?

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