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TIP: How to Archive Your Facebook Fan Page

I’m a big proponent of keeping your Web site and blog under your complete control and the main focus of your Web presence. When expanding your business’ reach to engage customers on other sites, you have no control over how or when the material you’ve uploaded will be treated.

So, what happens if the other social media sites you’ve engaged in to meet your customers flakes out on you and disappears? Where would you go? Your customers would automatically look for your Web page ( for those answers.

Now we come to Facebook. We all know that Facebook has a mind of it’s own and changes it on a daily basis. What would you do if you lost your Fan Page? Gasp!

Deep breath… Have I got a quick 5 minute (or less) solution for you.

Here’s a quick 5 minute solution

  • Create a Facebook Archive Folder on your desktop
  • Open your Facebook Fan Page
  • Go into your browser’s (Firefox, Safari, etc) top Nav
  • Select File
  • Select Print
  • In your print dialog settings, select PDF as your printer choice. Voila! Instant archive.
  • Save in your newly created Facebook Archive Folder

I’d recommend doing this once a week, perhaps on a Monday, to save all of your weekend chatter, polls, and giveaways.

This is also good for trendspotting:

  • Understanding how and when people become fans
  • When the most chatter happens (certain days, certain hours)
  • What topics get the most response

Option 2: Firefox Plugin

There is a Firefox Plugin that archives your page, but at this time, it isn’t currently available for Firefox 4.0. Check this Firefox Add-On link frequently to see if it’s updated.

I haven’t used it, so I can’t recommend it.

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

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Lisa Stewart
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7 Responses to “TIP: How to Archive Your Facebook Fan Page”

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Lisa! What if my facebook fan page is thousands of pages long, how do I archive it? I can’t click “more posts” thousands of times to reach older posts in facebook fan page. thanks.

    • Mark, I don’t think anyone has crafted a system or plugin that will do this yet, tho I’m sure they’re working on it. At this time, I think you’re on your own.

      Perhaps hire a VA to do this for you?

      If you hear of anything, please let us know!

      • Daniel Venditelli says:

        Actually, the description on this FireFox plug-in (ArchiveFacebook) claims it can do exactly that.

        Full disclosure, I have not yet tried it and only just now discovered it while trying to find the answer to the same question as Mark.

        Also, under account settings in Facebook, there is a link in the lower left-ish corner to Download a copy of your Facebook data. This appears to only apply to your personal account data so it might not help if you are trying to backup a true Facebook “Page.”

        Best of luck.

  2. DRiX says:

    It’s TWO YEARS later and still – nobody has created a backup that works for the additional Facebook PAGE (not timeline or personal account).

    However, this multi-hour search led me to your site here. It looks fascinating and I’ll return – just after I B/U this FB PAGE!

    Thanx for beng a beacon in the dark.

  3. Peter says:

    Thanks for your info. Any luck yet with backing up a fan page for businesses?

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