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Why Your Gallery Should Be on Facebook

Are you afraid that putting your business ‘out there’ will hurt more than help? If you launch your Web site, blog, or create a page on Facebook, do you believe that people will have nothing better to do than trash your good name?

Think again.

In this article, I help you alleviate your fear and anxiety by outlining why Facebook should be a part of your marketing mix.

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Every Customer is a Reporter and Every Reporter is a Customer
Remove yourself as the gallery owner for a moment and think about where you shop… Do you recommend products or services to your friends on a casual basis? Is there a company that exceeded your expectations and you just wanted to shout it from the roof tops? I bet you have. Now, return to being the gallery owner again –don’t you want a place for your customers to converge and exclaim how wonderful you are?

“To be a fan means to endorse my business product, services, and hopefully, ethos.

Why should your gallery be on Facebook? Because your fans need a place to talk about you –and that’s a wonderful thing.

The Benefits of Social Media Build, Protect, & Grow Your Reputation
Social Media can help you build a presence and generate new ways to be found easily. Online opportunities are typically less expensive than traditional marketing and they often involve more planning and time-intensive work. Shifting money to social media to augment your traditional print advertising budget will allow you to:

  • Make Connections, Even if You’re Typically Shy
  • Build your persona and business brand awareness
  • Manage your brand’s reputation

Tip 1: You want to turn customers into advocates, having a Facebook Fan page allows you to provide that platform for your feel-good experience.

You’re not going to fan a page if you’re not familiar with the product or philosophy of that company. Social Media Expert Jay Baers states, “When you’re a fan of something, you’ve already bought from that business.” That’s interesting statement. I know that even if my fans haven’t bought from me, they have bought from me in their minds and hearts. Translate: they plan to buy from me or would recommend me to their friends. To be a fan means to endorse my business product, services, and hopefully, ethos -who doesn’t want that?

Facebook is one of the best tools available to go and grow where your customers are. It is growing everyday and more of the key art buying demographic are spending their time and attention on the adaptable tool Facebook. As a result it only makes sense to seek out guerrilla marketing opportunities in the tool to promote your business and engage new fans and customers.

QuickFact: Facebook grew from 200 million to 250 million in just over 3 months. (mashable)

QuickFact: Among 14 key new media tools, Facebook leads by 24% in sharing. (addtoany)

FaceBook Strategy: Create and keep a separate personal page and Fan Page. By keeping the FanPage strictly focused on the business, one doesn’t risk tarnishing one’s own brand. If you eventually sell your business, you’re able to walk away (from the Facebook page) without much interruption at all.

Tip 2: If you decide to use Facebook as a hub of your Web presence, be sure to take advantage of the free tools available. The Wall, Galleries, Discussions, Videos, Events, Polls, Notes are just the beginning of creating an enriching experience for your fan base.

Are you still wondering about the trolls?
Human behavior is a very interesting subject. For the one troll you acquire, you’ll have rabid fans that will support, endorse, and fight to death your reputation on behalf of you.

Tip 3: Facebook gives you the ability to drop and ban a user, too, in the event she becomes poisonous to your growth. This I suggest using wisely and as a last resort.

You know the old adage, “One happy customer will tell 2 people, one unhappy customer will tell everybody!”

If you do find that an unhappy customer has posted her disappointment on your site -or anywhere else for that matter- your best strategy is to inform her briefly (on that very site) that you will be calling her to discuss her situation –then do it! By calling her within an hour or two promotes trust and enhances your commitment to solving her bad experience.

Bonus In many cases, resolving your customers’ bad experience converts them into a lifelong fan.

What do you think? Will you embrace Facebook as part of your marketing strategy now?

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence


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