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TIP: Save Your Words Without the Drama

Have you found yourself scaring the members of your family with a deep primal scream because you just lost ALL of your meaningful prose you wrote in a forum as a response?

FWIW -I’ve been the victim of a system crash either on a forum, FB, my own blog, or elsewhere only to see my meaningful prose go down in flames and I wanted to tear my hair out. I scared my cats while I was at it, too.

Here’s the tip: Craft your words in a text file on your desktop, not online. When you’re finished, just cut and paste, send, and voila! No more drama. No more tears.

Tip 2: You can spell check your prose, too. With your personal dictionary, this allows you to breeze through your content that includes your own ‘learned’ words.

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

PS. Also, I just found myself copying the entire text block before I hit send (just in case I didn’t follow my own tip) to automatically save it to your clipboard for the ‘just in case’ moment. Again, drama controlled. ;D

PPS. Crap, now I have to copy this block again! Oy!
PPPS. That’s CTRL A, then CTRL C

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