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Tweet, Verify, & Check Stats with

ic-bitly Are you new to blogging and would like to learn more about how to broadcast your entry with other microblogging sites like Twitter? This brief tutorial will show you just how to do that and just a bit more. You’ll also learn if peoople are coming to your blog via your quick link and when.

Learn how to command your world with and Twitter by tweeting, verifying, and checking your stats in

I’ve been working with in tandem with Twitter for a number of months. Initially, I used as a URL shortener and then learned how to track my stats with it –I call it ego checking. Beyond just checking your stats, I’ve learned to:

  • Submit my Web page and blog entry tweets by changing out my topic lead-ins
  • Leverage my tweets in accordance with current events (local and worldwide), and
  • Manage the participation level at different times through out the day

The attached video is just a high-level quick and dirty introduction on how to use -it’s by no means exhaustive. I hope this works for you.

Note: I am not a paid endorser of nor was I contacted by them to make this video. It just one tool that has worked for me and I wanted to share it -also, I wanted to work with the screen recording option available through Leopard’s OS. If wants to pay me for my time, I’ll take it. Otherwise, just call me an enthusiast.

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