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Trying to Please (the wrong target)

You know the real estate adage: Location Location Location

Now repeat after me dear INDIECreative: Target Target Target

Seth Godin wrote today about Trying to Please and when pleasing goes awry. I’ve mentioned to my clients who hired me to design their Web sites and logos about their target audience. It’s imperative that you understand that your audience isn’t you when it comes to deliverables -service or product. Your efforts to please your client’s wife, your boss, or even your mother-in-law is failure in the making.

Now, you might find yourself in the target mix because you found a gap in the market that needed the service/product that is near and dear to your heart. However, you may not always be in need of that product, thereby removing yourself from the core audience. Just because you no longer personally need it, does it remain relevant to your campaign? (Hint: Yes!)

Remember the hearts of you target and you’ll remain true to the soul of your campaign.

My Recent Experience
I recently found that when we wanted to expand our line of products into leather handbags, we thought we would be desirable to high-end boutiques that carry the likes of Kate Spade, TOD, or even Dooney & Bourke. Boy, was I wrong. Okay, perhaps not entirely wrong, but my timing wasn’t good. After this tumultuous economic season, not one boutique in NYC or Seattle would give me the time of day. Holiday season sucked for many retailers and they were hanging on for dear life.

“Sorry, we’re not looking at new lines.” Wha? You haven’t even seen mine?!

January, February, March I beat my head against a door that wouldn’t open. My target does shop at those stores, but they may buy one or two items, they don’t necessarily feed on the new and trendy. New and unique, yes.

When I received a note back from one of the boutiques telling me why she didn’t want my leathergoods, the response was harsh. Very harsh. I interpreted that as being from a very young person who didn’t understand the politics of messaging. Boy, I can’t wait to talk to the buyer that’s going to replace you later this year!

In essence, we not only wanted to expand our line, but our audience as well. I guess I’m grateful that I figured it out so quickly and now that I’ve returned to my target audience, my life is so much easier and rewarding.

Remember the hearts of you target and you’ll remain true to the soul of your campaign.

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