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What to say when someone says “I Could Do That!”

Ever get annoyed when someone walks by your art and arrogantly says, “I can do that!” or “Even my 8 year can do that! What’s so damn special about this art?” or “My mortgage balance due is better than yours!”


How to Create Your Own Pinterest Boards

I hope you’ve read Should you include Pinterest in your Marketing Efforts to determine if this is an endeavor you want to include in your business marketing plans.

If so, then…

Ready, Set, Pin!

I’ve created a quick & dirty Quick Reference Card (QRC) to help you establish a presence on Pinterest.


Don’t Let Your Brand Become Radio Shack

IC-600-brandstrategyRadio Shack used to be the ‘go to place’ for the DIY geeks. And for the past few years, they became irrelevant. Hell, you couldn’t find a Cat 5 cable to save your life, but Walmart had them.

Who wants to go to Walmart? Not this chick.

Today may show a different story.



How the QRCode Saved My Sales Yesterday

IC-600-qrcodeI adore QR codes -they give the savvy customer a rich, in-depth experience beyond print.

Here’s one experience that turned positive IRL.


Promote Your FourSquare Market with your ETSY Shop!

IC-600-TIPSo, I just learned a new marketing technique for your event: Add it to FourSquare and to ETSY at the same time!

My FB bud, Carole Dornbush Isenhart of Indigo Turtle says about FourSquare,

“It is pretty slick. You start by searching for your event, if it is already listed then you just “join” it. If not listed, then you put the info into the fields, quick & easy!! There is a field for your info too, so you can list your booth # & highlight items you will have.”


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